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Handheld Refractometer Brix Meter Sri Lanka or Sugar Concentration Meter

This Handheld Refractometer Brix Meter Sri Lanka or Sugar Concentration Meter will instantly read gravity in Brix (58-90%), of unfermented wort of fruit juice. A Handheld Refractometer Brix Meter Sri Lanka or Sugar Concentration Meter reads gravity by measuring the angle at which the light passes through the sample. Only takes a few seconds to read and is much quicker than using a hydrometer because of ATC (automatic temperature compensation). You only need a few drops for the sample and you can easily read the gravity of your wort.

Refractometer comes with storage case, pipette and re-calibration screwdriver.


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Introducing the Best Brix Meter/Refractometer in Sri Lanka: Unlock the Sweetness of Success!

Looking to optimize your fruit cultivation, winemaking, or sugar-related processes in Sri Lanka? Look no further! Our high-quality Brix Meter/Refractometer is the ultimate tool for precise and efficient measurement of sugar content in various liquids. With advanced technology and unparalleled accuracy, it’s your key to unlocking the sweetness of success!

Why Choose Our Brix Meter/Refractometer?

  1. Superior Accuracy: Our Brix Meter/Refractometer offers industry-leading precision, allowing you to determine sugar concentration levels with utmost accuracy. Make informed decisions during fruit harvesting, wine fermentation, or juice production, ensuring consistent quality every time.
  2. User-Friendly Design: Designed with your convenience in mind, our Brix Meter/Refractometer features an intuitive interface and straightforward operation. Its compact and portable design allows you to use it effortlessly, whether in the field, lab, or production facility.
  3. Wide Application Range: Versatility is the name of the game! Our Brix Meter/Refractometer caters to a diverse range of industries. Perfect for farmers, winemakers, beekeepers, food processors, and anyone involved in sugar-related applications, it’s a must-have tool for achieving optimal results.
  4. Sturdy and Durable: Crafted from high-quality materials, our Brix Meter/Refractometer is built to withstand demanding environments. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it a reliable companion for your day-to-day operations.
  5. Clear and Accurate Readings: The easy-to-read measurements eliminate guesswork and save valuable time, giving you more control over your processes.
  6. Affordable and Cost-Effective: We believe that top-quality equipment shouldn’t break the bank. Our Brix Meter/Refractometer offers excellent value for your investment, delivering exceptional performance at a competitive price. Enhance your productivity without compromising your budget.
  7. Sri Lanka’s Trusted Choice: Trusted by industry professionals across Sri Lanka, our Brix Meter/Refractometer has proven its reliability and effectiveness time and again. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have experienced the difference firsthand.

Boost your productivity and elevate your results with our top-of-the-line Brix Meter/Refractometer. Unlock the full potential of your fruit cultivation, winemaking, or sugar-related endeavors. Experience the power of precision and take control of your processes like never before!

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Functions of Handheld Refractometer Brix Meter Sri Lanka or Sugar Concentration Meter:

  • Dual scale: Brix and specific gravity (SG scale
  • Scale Range 58-90% Brix scale 0.2% scale division
  • 1.000 ~ 1.120 specific gravity scale of unfermented wort
  • Strong and lightweight aluminum body
  • Adjustable diopter (focus ring)
  • High quality and accurate test results
  • ATC compensation range (i.e. built-in automatic temperature compensation system)
  • Very convenient to use
  • Compact design with rubberized grip handle
  • Adjustable for focus
  • Heavy-duty & lightweight
  • Clear display of scales
  • Soft and flexible eyepiece, superior comfort while viewing
  • Simple & easy manual calibration
  • Instant and reliable measurements of aqueous solutions

Application areas:

  1. Beer or wine: Brix readings to obtain maltose and help determine the finished alcohol reading (for alcohol readings, it is best to use with a hydrometer)
  2. Fruits, vegetables and grasses: monitor and control sugar concentration in foods, beverages, crops and plants, check the “maturity” of field fruits, and verify product quality after harvest and/or control the concentration during processing and packaging to Ensure product quality
  3. Metalworking fluids: help maintain CNC coolants and water-soluble drawing & stamping compounds, and are commonly used to control the concentration of various industrial fluids, such as cutting lubricants and flux rinsing compounds

Packing Included:

  • Refractometer
  • Mini-screwdriver
  • Pipette
  • Wiping cloth
  • English Instruction manual

Matters Needing Attention:
1. Don’t submerge the unit in water.
2. Don’t use solvent to clean plastic lens.

  • Scale / Characteristic: Glucose/sugar 
  • Scale Range: 58~90% Bx
  • Scale / Characteristic: Wort Specific Gravity
  • Scale Range: 1.000~1.130 
  • Resolution: 0.001
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Focus possibility 

  • Item Weight: 3.36 ounces
  • Length: 170mm