Are you tired of voltage fluctuations wreaking havoc on your valuable electrical appliances and equipment? Say goodbye to power surges, sags, and fluctuations with our cutting-edge Unitec Voltage Regulator and Stabilizer. Designed to safeguard your electrical devices and ensure a stable power supply, this innovative solution is your key to uninterrupted, worry-free power.

The Unitec Voltage Stabilizer/Regulator monitors the mains voltage continuously. If the voltage rises or drops, the Unitec Voltage Stabilizer/Regulator will stabilize the output to ensure the voltage reaching your equipment remains constant at 220V. Within the operating range of the unit (160V-250V).

The Unitec Voltage Stabilizer/Regulator can be widely used in any place of electricity; it is an ideal regulated power supply to ensure the normal operation of your electrical equipment. Suitable for office equipment, test equipment, medical equipment, industrial automatic equipment, household appliances, lighting systems, communication system, etc.

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